Disciple-Making Conference in Birmingham, AL
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January 13-14, 2017 | Register Now!
Disciple-Making Conference in Birmingham, AL
Choose Conference:
January 13-14, 2017 | Register Now!
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Robby Gallaty
Robby Gallaty
Eddie Broussard
Eddie Broussard
Ken Adams
Ken Adams
Craig Etheredge
Craig Etheredge
West Brazelton
West Brazelton
Mandy Rollins
David Fedele
Chris Moody
Glenn Underhill

INTRO: Prove to the World You Are My Disciples

Jesus was very clear in John 13:35. It’s not by our church denomination or size, not by our number of programs or our level of education and not by our sermon themes or the number of ministries we support that we prove we are His disciples.

He announces His commandment of loving one another as we love Him in verse 34 and then He simply indicates that "our love for another will prove to the world that we are His disciples."

Our love for one another is the only thing He emphasizes.

By our love for God, each other and mankind – that is how we prove we are truly Disciples of Christ.

Come join us at one of the FlashPoint Disciple-Making Conferences as we explore the distinction of love that proves we are disciples – come alongside our amazing speakers as they dig into both the strategy of making our churches and ministries to be those that are disciple-making and the skills needed to be disciple-makers ourselves.


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Dann Spader

I am genuinely excited about the FlashPoint Disciple-Making Conference! FlashPoint is a conference championing the best practices of churches who are committed to disciple-making, Jesus style. Sharing of best practices, offering cutting edge tools and resources, and led by veteran disciple-makers….This is what is needed for churches in todays fast paced culture. No quick fixes - but plenty of practical solutions to help your church keep advancing in the making of disciples. I highly recommend this conference!  
SonLife Ministries Founder

Pastor William Rainey

I have shelves full of books about discipleship. I have a Masters degree in discipleship. As a church-planting missionary in Europe, I was able to plant the fastest growing church in Scotland--and one of the largest--because of discipleship.
Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA

Richard Towery

My wife and I have been to several FlashPoint Conferences and they’ve been incredible. FlashPoint has changed my vision a great deal concerning what I view a true disciple to be.  
Christ Church, Irving, TX

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